April 2024 digest

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Our April 2024 newsletter features report on our One Health event, our Research Fellowships and the RAJKA 2024 Symposium in Doha, along with a curated selection of the latest publications on PubMed that are worth reading.

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Examining Atopic Dermatitis through the One Health concept


Wed. April 17th 2024

Our Spring Virtual Symposium is now available online. The live event was shared with 125 participants representing 39 countries worldwide and a large representation of the dermatological veterinary community.

This theoretical exercise to examine a common non communicable disease such as AD through the lens of a unifying approach linking human health to common environmental factors pertaining also to animals and plants (https://www.who.int/news/item/01-12-2021-tripartite-and-unep-support-ohhlep-s-definition-of-one-health)  was centered around the question: is One Health a valid approach to Atopic Dermatitis?

The lessons of this multidisciplinary symposium are multiple, but to make it short, the provisory conclusion was: probably, it may help preventing and controlling this disease (as many others), but we first need research approaches using this angle of attack to produce data and orientate possible intervention studies.

Another more political conclusion was that we need more intensive lobbying to promote AD and allergy to the forefront of WHO priorities, in addition to skin NTDs (ref. brochure WHO One Health: diaporama 1:Ending the neglect to attain the sustainable development goals: One health: approach for action against neglected tropical diseases 2021-2030).

The ISAD Research Fellowships

Supporting clinical and research training in a high standard academic center

The ISAD Research Fellowships are supporting clinical and research training of junior Dermatologists‐Venereologists, or residents in Dermatology‐Venereology in a high standard academic center.

Following this symposium (One Health), we also welcome applications from the derm veterinary community, and projects related to the One Health concept are welcome.

Since 2024, applications are examined on a case-by-case basis by the ISAD Board without annual call as previously. The purpose of the fellowship is to provide support for young researchers to receive training on basic or clinical research but also to promote multidisciplinary collaboration which is the cornerstone of OH research.

The projects are endowed with a support of 20 000 Euros for the 6 months fellowships and 10 000 Euros for the 3 months fellowship. The grant covers travel and living expenses and insurance during the training period. 3 months fellowships are primarily intended to start a collaboration between two departments, as a starting research grant. 6 months fellowships may provide support to an ongoing project of the host institution and allow the fellow to be included in a publication.

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14th Georg RAJKA International Symposium on AD

Doha, Qatar, Oct. 24-26, 2024

Call for abstracts

The abstract submission will open in May 2024. Abstracts will be published as usual in Acta DV. Confirmed guest speakers are announced on the preliminary program (link), including world-renowned basic scientists and clinicians covering all aspects of atopic dermatitis, many of them pioneers in their field.

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Rajka Medal and Prize

The 2024 Rajka Medal and Prize will be attributed, please have a look to the criteria to apply (link), this year will be very competitive!

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