December 2021 digest

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

Our last live meeting on Nov 26, curated by Roberto TAKAOKA was a fantastic global overview of the Organization of Care in AD from primary to tertiary care, covering costs and availability of drugs, in very different settings (UK and EU, Africa, Japan and Australia). Clearly this kind of meeting which was open to patients‘ organizations, is ideal to explore innovative and patient-centered approaches which may complement classic pharma-based drug development.

One highlight was a discussion on a choral/orchestral therapeutic education program originating in the Midlands where a dragon was embodying the disease, followed by a discussion on how this choice would be accepted cross-culturally.

ISAD 2022 Rajka Symposium

We are actively preparing with the Canadian local organizing committee led by Danielle MARCOUX and Michelle RAMIEN the next ISAD Rajka Symposium in Montreal. A preliminary program, including deadline for abstracts and Rajka medal applications should be released by the end of this year.

I wish you and all your patients and colleagues a very happy and relaxing Christmas/New Year holidays, hoping that the sanitary situation will not impose new lockouts.

In-between, you will be able to see the replay on Vimeo of our two last ISAD events:

➜ Human AD vs Canine AD comparative therapy
➜ Organisation of Care 2021

Best wishes,

President ISAD