Closing words from Montréal

Dear all,

We hope you are all well!

Montreal 2022 ISAD meeting seems at the same time far away and just like yesterday! Michele and I were very happy to host it and gave all we could to make it a success! And we think we have succeeded: the scientific content was great, and our scientific committee very committed to have outstanding presenters who did not fail to impress!

Our presenters shared with the attendees new information, new trends, innovative means to reach out and support atopic dermatitis sufferers and their caregivers with a focus on our themes which were inclusion, diversity, equity. All these effort aimed at improving the lives and relieving the suffering of atopic dermatitis patients.

Our gratitude goes to our sponsors who make these events possible. Our success was of course also related to Simply Eventful Management, the meeting management firm that worked with us, advised us, accompanied us in all steps and managed diligently and efficiently all aspects related to a successful meeting preparation.

We thank the ISAD board for their support and wish the best for the upcoming Gdansk 2023 ISAD, chaired by Pr. Magdalena TRZECIAK, that will focus on solidarity in atopic dermatitis.

Best to all and see you in Gdansk!

Michele and Danielle