Organization of Care in AD 2020 meeting

The AD Patient Journey

Dear Colleagues,

The patient journey is a sequence of care events which a patient follows from the point of access into the health system, continuing towards diagnosis, care, education and prevention. The journey is cyclical in nature with never-ending interactions between patient and the healthcare system. It can also be an internal journey of crisis, acceptance, and self-development. We will explore these concepts with colleagues and Atopic Dermatitis Organizations from all over the world in next ISAD Live meeting in November.

Organization of Care in Atopic Dermatitis Meeting’s Curator

Programme of the meeting

Online on Friday, November 6, 2020

Hywel WILLIAMS (UK) / Jean-François STALDER (France)
04:00 pm Introduction
Roberto TAKAOKA (Brazil)
04:05 pm The Atopic Dermatitis Patient Journey – Eczema Society of Canada
04:20 pm Q&A
04:25 pm Designing New Patient Education Tools in AD
Hyungjong KIM (South Korea)
04:40 pm Q&A
04:45 pm Patient Journey – Eczema Foundation
Sophie MERY & Fanny SENTENAC (France)
05:00 pm Q&A
05:05 pm The Hero’s Journey and the Atopic Popcorn – Brazilian AD Association
Henrique ISHII & João Pedro SOUZA (Brazil)
05:20 pm Q&A
05:25 pm Patient Journey – National Eczema Association
05:40 pm Q&A
05:45 pm Final discussion
06:00 pm Closing

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Meeting’s recording

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