Rajka medal

Criteria for the next Rajka medal in 2024 will be released soon.

Young portrait of Georg Rajka In memory of Professor Georg RAJKA and his pioneering work in the field of Atopic Dermatitis, the International Society of Atopic Dermatitis awards a medal to a young investigator who has significantly contributed to the field.
The medal, showing Georg RAJKA and the emblem of ISAD is kindly donated by Madam Susanne RAJKA, PhD (Oslo).



ISAD 2022 Montréal

The 5th Georg Rajka Medal was awarded to Aaron DRUCKER. His research focuses on the epidemiology and evidence-based care of atopic dermatitis, using observational studies, clinical trials and advanced evidence synthesis to answer research questions important to people with eczema and to clinicians.

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Previous awardees

ISAD 2020 (online)

The 4th Georg Rajka Medal was awarded to Lennart RÖSNER, who is actively involved in atopic dermatitis research for nearly 10 years. Starting as a PostDoc in the lab of Thomas WERFEL in Hannover, Germany, he is now also a junior research group leader.

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ISAD 2018 Utrecht

The 3rd Georg Rajka Medal was awarded to Dr. Judith THIJS, from Utrecht, The Netherlands.

ISAD 2016 Munich

The 2nd Georg Rajka medal was awarded to Professor Kilian EYERICH from Munich, Germany.

ISAD 2014 Nottingham

Inaugural Rajka Medal presentation to Dr. Jonathan SILVERBERG.

From left to right: Johannes RING, Jonathan SILVERBERG, Susanne RAJKA & Hywel WILLIAMS.