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Who can apply?


Any person who is a medical doctor, scientist, pharmacist or veterinary doctor with demonstrable background and interest in atopic dermatitis or related diseases can be an ordinary member of the Society.


This category of membership is open to physicians or scientists in full-time training in dermatology, venereology, allergology, pediatrics or related sciences under the age of 35 years on January the 1st, 2023. A letter of motivation explaining why you want to join our Society is requested.
Junior members may be entitled to vote, but may not be elected to the Board or elected as officers of the Society.

How to apply?

According to the Society’s bylaws, all applications for membership must be in writing and sent to the Board of Directors for approval or rejection.

Please click on the button corresponding to your situation below and register with the application form, an email will confirm your submission.
For new members, it will be processed at our next Board meeting and you will receive a notification by email.

Prof. Andreas WOLLENBERG
Secretary of ISAD

Supporting Corporate membership

Who can apply for supporting membership?

Supporting members are organizations which are particularly active in the field of dermatology and/or venereology, such as dermatological societies, allergy societies, corporate health care companies or other bona fide organizations related to dermatology and allergology and are approved by the Board of Directors. Supporting members shall not be entitled to vote and cannot be elected as members of the Board of Directors or officers.