Corporate Membership & Donations

Corporate Membership

Duration & Levels

ISAD Society offers 4 levels of Corporate Membership on 1 or 3 years-basis contract: standard / classic / premium / infinite. Companies at the global level share benefits with local subsidiaries.

1-year contract benefits

  • -16% discount on the cost of sponsoring package of the next Rajka Symposium, depending on the selected level
  • other supplementary benefits / options on the same Symposium

3-years contract benefits

  • Discount is extended to -25% for the next three symposia
  • extended supplementary benefits / options on the same symposia


Donations are possible from individuals, foundations and charities, corporate health care companies or other bona fide organizations related to the field of atopic dermatitis if approved by the Board of Directors.


For the Corporate Membership application, please contact us:


Corporate/supporting members and Donators shall not be entitled to vote and cannot be elected as members of the Board of Directors or officers.