Opening Ceremony & Welcome Reception

31st of August 2023 – 19:00, Artus Court in Gdańsk

This is a free event, but you need to register.
It is not included in fee registration. The cost are covered by the separate budget of the substantive organizer. It is not covered by the funds of the INFARMA company.

During the Welcome Reception, guests and participants will be officially welcomed by the ISAD and Authorities of Gdańsk City and Medical University of Gdańsk in the historical space of the Artus Court in reference to the old Gdańsk tradition.
The evening will be artistically enriched by the performance of the Choir of the Medical University of Gdańsk and a recital of Harpsichordist Krzysztof GARSTKA with elements of Old Gdańsk Music.

The Artus Court in Gdansk night

The Medical University of Gdansk Choir is one of the oldest academic choirs in Poland with a long-standing (over 75 years) tradition. Its Artistic Director and Conductor is Błażej Połom. Before, continuously for 30 years, Jerzy Szarafiński was in this position. During its long-term activity, the choir has won many top prizes at numerous Polish and foreign choir competitions and festivals. For over 75 years, the Choir of the Medical University of Gdańsk has been representing its Alma Mater and the Gdańsk musical community. In addition to a cappella music programs representing various musical styles and eras, it cooperates with cultural institutions of the Pomeranian region, such as Progress Chamber Orchestra and the Baltic Youth Philharmonic.

Harpsichordist Krzysztof GARSTKA, conductor, and pedagogue. Specializing in the world of early operas. Active as an opera conductor from the beginning of his career. Since 2018 he has served as the musical director of Capella Regia Polona, a period-instrument orchestra of the Royal Opera House in Warsaw. Aside from the field of opera, serves as an assistant professor at the Chopin University of Music, where he graduated in the harpsichord class of Alina Ratkowska and Leszek Kędracki, followed by studies under the guidance of Andrea Marcon (Basel), Eva Maria Polerus and Michael Hell (Graz), and finally a doctoral degree received in 2018. Awarded prizes at the harpsichord competitions in Poznań (2009), Prague (Prague Spring – 2017) and Bologna (Paola Bernardi competition – 2017).

Gala dinner

1st of September 2023 – 20:00, Shakespeare Theatre in Gdańsk

For Symposium participants who paid for it during the registration process: attendance at the dinner is optional.
Its price is not included in the conference fee.

Lech WAŁĘSA is our Special Guest at the Gala Dinner of 13th Georg Rajka Symposium with the motto “Solidarity in AD”.
The artistic part by Kashubian Folk Song and Dance Ensemble will add a flavour of the local tradition.
One hour before the Gala Dinner the guests and participants are invited to visit one of the largest exhibitions of Zdzisław BEKSIŃSKI’s paintings ever organized.

Aerial view of the beautiful main city with the Shakespearean theater in Gdansk at dusk, Poland


Lech WAŁĘSA is the legendary leader of the “Solidarity” movement and the author of its victory in 1989 over the communist regime in Poland.

His life in inseparably connected with the Polish history and Poland’s way to freedom. Lech WAŁĘSA was born on 29th October 1943. First mention about his activity in the anti-communist opposition originates from 1968. In August 1980 WAŁĘSA was one of the main organisers of the strike in the Gdansk Shipyard. WAŁĘSA’s activity led to a bloodless victory – the foundation of “Solidarity”, the first independent and oppositional social movement in the Soviet bloc.

His believe in the idea of solidarity was far stronger than the constant repression of the regime. This commitment was recognised by the global community in 1983 when he was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize.

On 22 December 1990 WAŁĘSA was elected the president of free Poland. During his presidency and after it he remained actively engaged in the public life, being the advocate of Poland around the world.

Today Lech WAŁĘSA continues his mission of promoting the idea of solidarity. Traveling around the world, he speaks about Poland’s bloodless transition towards peace and democracy as a role model for different nations.


Kashubian Folk Song and Dance Ensemble “Kościerzyna” was founded in 1974 and works at the House of Culture in Kościerzyna for 45 years.
The repertoire includes the most popular melodies, songs and Kashubian dances, both of old folk art and contemporary artists. The program is performed in the form of suites. In addition to Kashubian folklore, in its repertoire “Kościerzyna” presents programme consisting of songs and dances of fishermen, so called national suite from the period of the Dutchy of Warsaw and national dances.
In the last decade, the Ensemble has won, among others, the Grand Prix of the XI Review of Kashubian Bands in Wierzchucin (2009), as well as the Grand Prix and the main prize for the best artistic performance at the Nestia Festival in Bulgaria (2012). In 2014, he won the first place and the Audience Award in the Pomeranian Folklore Review in Lubań.
The team also received the Golden Badge “Meritorious for Polish Culture” and the County Executive Award of “Heart of Kashubia – 2014” in the category of artistic ensembles. In December 2018, he represented Kashubia at the “Christmas Eve of Nations” held in Goniadz. The group works in three sections: the music section, ballet and choir. Anna Lideke-Konert is the manager and choreographer, Maciej Burandt is the music instructor.


Painter, sculptor, photographer, computer graphic designer, he was born on February 24, 1929 in Sanok, and died tragically on February 21, 2005 in Warsaw. Currently considered one of the most outstanding and original Polish contemporary artists. The Exhibition “Beksinski in Gdańsk”  is an unprecedented event, during which nearly 70 original works of one of the most recognizable Polish artists of the last century will be presented.

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