Global aspects of AD

#WCD Singapore 2023, ISAD symposium

ISAD Society has decided to hold a 3 hours symposium on July 3rd at the World Congress of Dermatology in Singapore on “Global aspects of AD”.

We will discuss in particular how to integrate the management of AD at the primary care level in several world regions in the context of various resource settings, and also the approach of severe cases in the context of access to medications.

We have already on the program opinion leaders from all continents, and the keynote will be given by Jose-Antonio RUIZ-POSTIGO, WHO Geneva on the new WHO framework program for skin health which now integrates common skin diseases like AD.

Program of the meeting

Monday, July 3rd, 2023 – 08:30 am ~ 12:00 pm, duration 03h30
Location: Pan Pacific, Ocean rooms 1-3 (level 2), 7 Raffles Boulevard


The symposium aims at delineating challenges in the management of AD in various contexts of resources worldwide according to region/country, from primary to tertiary care, and to discuss possible improvements in access to care and medications.

Chairs: Alain TAIEB (Bordeaux, France), Peter SCHMID-GRENDELMEIER (Zürich, Switzerland) 

SESSION 1 / 08:30 am~10:00 am

Invited ILDS lecture:

Carsten FLOHR (London, UK)
Mapping the global burden of atopic dermatitis: the Global Atopic Dermatitis Atlas project.

Keynote lecture:

Jose-Antonio RUIZ-POSTIGO, WHO (Geneva, Switzerland):
Integration of common skin disorders including AD in the new strategic WHO framework for skin health

Ousmane FAYE (Bamako, Mali):
Integrating the management of AD into primary care level through teledermatology

Martin STEINHOFF (Doha, Qatar):
Atopic Dermatitis in the Middle-East and Qatar

Johannes RING (Munich, Germany):
Family psychodynamics in AD 

10:00 am ~10:30 am – Coffee break

SESSION 2 / 10:30 am ~12:00 pm
5 min. presentation/region and 30 min. discussion

Roundtable on regional perspectives

Moderators: Johannes RING (Munich, Germany), Jennifer AUSTIN (Ottawa, Canada, Global Skin CEO)

Australia (John SU, Melbourne); China (Lin MA, Beijing); Japan (Kenji KABASHIMA, Kyoto); Middle East (Martin STEINHOFF, Doha); Germany (Andreas WOLLENBERG, Munich); Poland (Magdalena TRZECIAK, Gdańsk); USA (Amy PALLER, Chicago); Brazil (Roberto TAKAOKA, São Paulo); Madagascar (Fahafahantsoa RAPELANORO RABENJA), Singapore (Yik Weng YEW, NSC Singapore).

Who can attend?

All registrants of #WCD Singapore 2023 can attend this Sister Society meeting:
➜ 225 places are available without registration.


Pan Pacific, Ocean rooms 1-3 (level 2) – in orange on the map:

Level 2 map