13th Georg RAJKA symposium — ISAD 2023 Gdańsk

Dear Colleagues and Friends!

Prof. Magdalena TRZECIAK, MD PhDI am honored to welcome you to the 13th Georg Rajka Symposium in Gdańsk, (ISAD 2023). Our motto for the symposium will be ‘Solidarity in atopic dermatitis’.

Professor Georg RAJKA organized the first international symposium on atopic dermatitis (AD) in Norway in 1979. Since Professor RAJKA’s time, the AD Symposia have continued in Europe and further afield. After Seoul 2021 and Montréal 2022, and following the lessons of the Covid period, the International Society of Atopic Dermatitis (ISAD) has decided to hold annual symposia enhanced with hybrid sessions.

Combining the traditional spirit of RAJKA symposia with digital technology and a pinch of local flavor, our annual symposium gathers more and more people dedicated to Atopic Dermatitis. Health care providers, physicians, researchers and associations can meet in a friendly, creative, interdisciplinary, and international atmosphere. Our symposium provides the opportunity to connect with outstanding experts in Atopic Dermatitis, to start and foster high-level scientific collaboration, and to translate rapid therapy updates into everyday practice.

In 2023, Gdańsk will provide the location to exchange scientific and real-life experiences, address controversies, and access the newest knowledge in round table format or open communications sessions with top-class speakers. Inspired by the history of Gdańsk, known as ‘the city of freedom and solidarity,’ we have prepared a program using multispecialty approaches, shared initiatives and international cooperation. There will be a special emphasis on ways to alleviate the symptoms and burden of Atopic Dermatitis, remove gaps and fight the challenges of the disease. We will also discuss therapeutic breakthroughs in AD, as well as recent innovations.

We look forward to welcoming you to Gdańsk on August 31, 2023, for the 13th Georg RAJKA Symposium (ISAD 2023). Save the date and join us!

Prof. Magdalena TRZECIAK, MD PhD
General Chair

Medical University of Gdańsk
Gdańsk, Poland

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