The App of the meeting (PheedLoop)

The Official Virtual Symposium App – Tutorial

The Symposium will be held also as a Virtual Event for online and for in-person participants:
The official app is the Pheedloop platform.


The email with access to the Pheedloop online platform will be sent on August 24, 2023, after the purchase of your ‘13th Georg Rajka Symposium’ registration.
➜ This email will contain your Pheedloop account login and password.
➜ Log in through the ‘Pheedloop Go!’ mobile app or the web platform, then follow the instructions from the email, please.

The platform allows, while logged in:

  • watching the live stream of the current session using the ‘Sessions’ tab,
  • accessing the live schedule and live announcements,
  • viewing the Posters and the Guest list,
  • networking with all participants,
  • and attending the virtual exhibition hall.