COVID-19 registry

COVID-19 registry for atopic dermatitis patients (SECURE-AD)

Have any of your patients with atopic dermatitis developed COVID-19?

Please report your cases to SECURE-AD via a simple anonymised case report form. 

SECURE-AD is a global registry for healthcare professionals to report outcomes of COVID-19 in individuals with atopic dermatitis. 

Entering your cases is quick and can be done during a virtual consultation. All data is de-identified.

The information you provide will rapidly improve our understanding of how factors such as systemic immunomodulatory therapies, comorbidities and disease activity affect outcomes of COVID-19 in atopic dermatitis. Regular open-access summaries of reported cases will be provided online. 

SECURE-AD is closely aligned with other COVID-19 skin disease registries, such as SECURE-Alopecia and PsoProtect and comparative analyses are planned.

We look forward to working with you all on this important international effort. 

  • Alan IRVINE, Phyllis SPULS, and Carsten FLOHR
    on behalf of the SECURE-AD Steering Group
  • Alain TAIEB and Andreas WOLLENBERG
    on behalf of the SECURE-AD Scientific Advisory Committee

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