Focus on the management of itch and pain in AD

I would like to draw your attention to the recently published position paper of the ISAD/OPENED task force, with a focus on the management of itch and pain in AD

Itch is central to AD, and was designed as the cardinal symptom by Besnier in the XIXth  century, at the time when AD was named diathetic prurigo. 

In the patient’s journey which will be the focus of our next live symposium organized by Roberto TAKAOKA (register here if not done), itch and pain are frequently not managed properly, as reported repeatedly by our patients, and their advocacies.  

Patients’ support groups devoted to AD and allied disorders are numerous, more than 50 are listed currently on the website Altogether Eczema, who has federated this community online, with the support of Global Skin, the International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organizations (IADPO), a not-for-profit organization. Altogether Eczema is a very useful resource for patients in the context of fake news and charlatanism on the internet.

Patient’s support groups collaboration is very welcome by our Society, and is especially important to access to what is currently wrong in in the patient’s journey.  Fruitful discussions based on the patients’ experience are expected on Nov 6. 

I thank the patient’s organizations who are participating to our next symposium, and I apologize for not giving the many volunteers who wanted to share their experience a time slot. However, a live chat will allow a Q&A session. 

Looking forward to meet all of you online on Nov 6th,

Best wishes, keep safe. 

President ISAD