ISAD Grants/SSAI: summary of assessment & funding


➜ ISAD Grants/Sub-Saharan Africa Initiative (SSAI)

1Lamissa CISSÉ, Mali
Comparative study of skin microbiota in cases of atopic dermatitis in children in Bamako and rural areas in Mali
6.000 €, liaise with TZ and SA (2, 4), limit to age group 6-10 yo.
2Khanyisile DLADLA, South Africa
Identifying associations between the skin microbiome, metabolome and clinical phenotypes in South African and European atopic dermatitis populations
5.000€, liaise with 1 and 4, limit to age group 6-10 yo.
3Omololu ENIGBOKAN, Nigeria
Comparative assessment of the effect of frequently used locally prepared emollients on skin hydration and PH in Atopic Dermatitis in Nigeria
6.000€, very demanding, may request additional help from Eczema Foundation.
4Nelson MOSHA, Tanzania
Difference in Human skin Microbiome carriage between atopic dermatitis patient and non- atopic dermatitis individual aged 1month to 18y.o attending at KCMC/RDTC from Jan 2022 to June 2022.
5.000 €, liaise with 1 and 2 and limit to age group 6-10 yo.
5Fandresena SENDRASOA, Madagascar
Polymorphisms in filaggrin, spink5 and klk7 gene: are they associated with atopic dermatitis in malagasy people?
10.000 €, recommend rather GWS and liaise with specialist lab.
6Julienne Noude TECLESSOU, Togo
Improvement of the overall care of AD by tele dermatology in peripheral health centers in Togo
10.000 €, improve assessment of intervention.
7Shakirat GOLD-OLUFADI, Nigeria
The impact of education in indigenous languages on atopic dermatitis and factors determining severity of atopic dermatitis (AD) in Nigerian children
8.000 €