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July 2023 digest

News from the 25th WCD Singapore Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends, Thanks to the contribution of our Board Members and of distinguished guests – Carsten FLOHR (ILDS AD Global Atlas), Yik Wen YU (Singapore NSC), Fahafahantsoa RABENJA RAPELANORO (Madagascar) -, the Global Aspects of AD pre-meeting was a real success for a premiere on this topic. […]

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April 2023 digest

WHO skin NTDs meeting Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends, Our Society was present at the recent WHO skin NTDs meeting in Geneva.This meeting was a milestone for the recognition of dermatology at the level of the WHO not only for neglected tropical diseases with dermatological expression but also for all common skin diseases which impair human […]

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March 2023 digest

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends, The 2023 ISAD research fellowships call is now officially open. This initiative was launched in 2019 by a generous grant of Pfizer with the aim of supporting the training of young dermatologists at a host institution of good standing for AD research. Up to now 8 laureates have completed their stay […]

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Summer 2022 digest

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends, In the northern hemisphere, the summer break is currently the occasion to enjoy a couple (or more) weeks without cumbersome tasks. I just want to remind you that there is a late-breaking abstract session for Montreal ISAD 2022 (link) concerning information that was not yet known or fully available by the […]

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June 2022 digest

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends, Excellent news! More than 160 abstracts were received on May 30th covering the entire field of AD, with a focus on paediatric AD as highlighted by the motto of the Montreal meeting “back to our future… AD in childhood”. I remind you that there is a late-breaking abstracts session (link) concerning […]

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April 2022 digest header

April 2022 digest

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends, We enter slowly the post COVID era and travel is now easier, even if the Ukraine war has made some long-haul flights more tiring.  We hope to receive many applications to the 2022 ISAD Research Fellowships call which is now open within this new travel context. Please submit your project online […]

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January 2022 digest

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends, I wish you a Happy New Year and I hope that you had a great holiday season. If 2022 starts with new sanitary warnings and constraints in many countries, vaccination has begun to facilitate travel and we hope that this trend will continue over the next months to allow us to […]

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December 2021 digest

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends, Our last live meeting on Nov 26, curated by Roberto TAKAOKA was a fantastic global overview of the Organization of Care in AD from primary to tertiary care, covering costs and availability of drugs, in very different settings (UK and EU, Africa, Japan and Australia). Clearly this kind of meeting which […]

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