Registration discounts

Reminder for ISAD Society members

ISAD Society members must be up to date with their yearly subscription to benefit from the -35% discount.

1. Check your status:

Head to the ISAD Platform ( and check your status; all members have an account since 2022.

2. In case you need to renew:

Click the blue button to pay with your bank card, and after a manual check by our team, you will receive a special link to register after one or two working days (from with the special rate automatically applied. The link will also appear in your account, see below.

Click on “my account” to check your status: this member is not up to date 😉

2. If you are up to date:

Click on the yellow button which will automatically apply the discount; member status will then be verified by the organizers once you are registered.

This member is up to date, and can click the yellow button with -35% discount!

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