September 2022 digest

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

In a month from now, we will hopefully convene physically for the first time since Utrecht 2018 with limited constraints due to the pandemic in Montréal. Please note if you come to Canada you need to access the ArriveCan platform which checks if you qualify as a fully vaccinated traveler. It takes time because you need to upload your passport and vaccine certificates.

Registration is still possible to attend the meeting in-person or virtually until October 9th ; registration to the pre-meeting is also available : Bridging the Gaps (Organization of Care in AD).

Poster prizes

The executive ISAD board has been working actively to prepare the agenda of the next annual meetings, Two poster prizes of 500 $CA will be given by an ad hoc jury during the meeting one clinically oriented, one research oriented.

Davos 4th Global Allergy Forum (GAF)

The ISAD was closely associated to the Davos 4th Global Allergy Forum (GAF) focused on AD, considered as a gateway for allergic diseases. 70 internationally renowned experts identified clear options for action and gaps in the care and prevention of allergic diseases and atopic dermatitis. This meeting was possible by the support of the Christine Kühne Center for Allergy Research and Education (CK-CARE) situated at the Medical Campus of Davos, Switzerland. The fourth Davos declaration on AD and allergy is under preparation and will be published with more detailed articles reflecting the summary of the workshops held at the meeting in the Journal Allergy.

European AD guidelines

To finish, I would like to recommend the reading of the last European AD guidelines (in two parts systemic/non-systemic; special patient populations – cf. below) which use new tools allowing rapid update, the EuroGuiDerm platform developed by the European Dermatology Forum and the living systematic review developed by our last Rajka medalist, Aaron DRUCKER.

Looking forward to seeing you soon in Montréal,

Best regards,

President ISAD